As we all get ready to spend time with family and friends, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you!
Thank you for entrusting me with advocating and making decisions on behalf of all of the children in our state.
While I don’t have children of my own (the kids in this photo are my God-kids and the little one is my cousin), it seems like every time I tell someone I am on the board, I get asked if I have kids or if I am a teacher. I tell them I have 470,000 kids! While I may not be responsible for their day-to-day upbringing, I take my responsibility for helping to ensure they get a great education very seriously and I feel very honored to have this role.
I wish you and your family a holiday season full of love and happiness! Check out my favorite holiday cookie recipe and more exciting news for 2020 below!
Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated and helps to ensure that I can continue to advocate for the educators and children of District 3.

Thank you for your support and your vote!

My Godkids and Cousin